Hop N’ Wich: Food review

Coastal Carolina University alumni and owners of the Grumpy Monk opened a new restaurant Hop N’ Wich, last month in downtown Conway.

The restaurant located across CCU’s beloved Teal Alley where many students can spot the restaurant. I wanted to experience it without any prior knowledge.

I was delightfully surprised at how aesthetically pleasing the interior was. The exterior has a country barn aesthetic while the interior is more of a sports bar meets modern rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

The sports displays ranged from helmets from South Carolina universities and framed Coastal Carolina jerseys, one belonging to the beloved star quaterback, Grayson McCall.

The place was full, but I barely had to wait. My expected 25-minute wait time only lasted about 10 minutes.

They had a live musician who especially entertained me. He even played one of my favorite songs, a very niche song by Post Malone. The performer added his unique country spin to it and transformed the song. The live music stage is set on a patio overlooking the restaurant, and makes the room have a creative atmosphere.

Hop N’ Wich’s Manager Stephanie Davanzo said that business has grown rapidly, especially among locals. Davanzo said Hop N’ Wich seeks to offer more entertainment options in the future, including more live performances, bingo nights and music trivia.

“It’s an awesome atmosphere, we have a great menu to select from. We have live music some nights and all the big games are always on,” Davanzo said.

I ordered water, an order of hushpuppies, and the “Hello Coastal” from the special’s menu. The waiters and waitresses kept my glass of water filled the entire meal, which is impressive since I can drink a lot of water in one sitting.

My hushpuppies were perfectly crisp, and its smell reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking. It’s handmade cinnamon butter made it taste like a crisp cinnamon roll, which satisfied my sweet tooth.

I selected the “Hello Coastal” specialty due to its name recognizing the area. It was a bonus that consisted of all my favorite things: shrimp, macaroni, handmade queso and buffalo sauce. It was simply one of the best restaurant macaroni or Alfredo dishes I have ever tasted; its spice was more of a tang, but didn’t override the existing flavor, resulting in a perfect blend.

Of course, with Hop N’ Wich being a restaurant and bar, alcoholic beverages are a primary focus and hit for customers. A lot of people in the restaurant ordered drinks, and I could hear those seating nearby me express their satisfaction.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience.

Hop N’ Wich has a promising future, especially with the success of Grumpy Monk. It’s only a matter of time until CCU students find this new hidden gem in the heart of Conway.

Hop N’ Wich is located at 1029 Third Ave Conway, South Carolina. The restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 10pm.