Jazz guitarist Bruce Forman performs

Enjoying a night of music in Edwards


Photo by: Trent Fitch

Performers from the Concert’s Final Performance included (left to right) Jesus Fuentes, Emilio Terranova, Bruce Forman and Tim Fischer.

American jazz guitarist Bruce Forman had an unforgettable performance on Jan 18. In the Edwards Recital Hall (EHFA 152) as he entertained and left an impactful influence on music lovers.

Forman started off the concert and warmed up the crowd with Eddie Lang’s “April Kisses.” Due to the room’s acoustics, he did not have to plug in an amp for everyone to hear his opening. However, once he did plug in the amp, that was when the show truly got started; everyone in the room was exposed to jazz’s emblematic and blissful spirit.

Students studying the art of music at Coastal Carolina University were excited to see Forman perform, including junior commercial music and jazz major Ansley Gaffney.

“Jazz is essential at keeping the core of music’s spirit alive, and having the pleasure of meeting jazz legends like Bruce Forman leaves me thankful for the music program here at Coastal,” Gaffney said.

Throughout the night, audience members were regaled with stories and jokes from Forman’s personal life in between the tunes. At times, audience members would close their eyes and let the music take them away, whether it led them to smiles, tears or both.

Forman has played with famous musicians such as Ray Brown to Bobby Hutcherson, with some of his scores even ending up in several films like Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby.”

Forman was not the only person performing on stage that night. CCU commercial jazz and music faculty professors joined him to perform together. Guitarist Tim Fischer, bassist Emilio Terranova and pianist Jesus Fuentes joined Forman onstage.

“Being introduced to jazz my first year was an honor,” sophomore music education major Jared Boothe said. “Witnessing an inspirational and traditional mind like Bruce Forman’s on-stage presenting passion, humor, and letting the audience in on glimpses of his personality and knowledge proves that is what music is all about.”

Once the show was over, Forman received a standing ovation from the audience and cheered for an encore, which he was happy to do. He also stayed behind for a few minutes to meet his fans, share a few words and laughs, and thank everyone at the University for an opportunity to support the musical arts community with some sage words.

“In jazz, you’re not supposed to have fun, but I do, ‘cause I’m a renegade,” Forman said as the show concluded. “I understand that music is all about personal expression and that nonconformists should not have to wear uniforms.”

Forman’s performance serves as a reminder to all students to keep an eye out for more musical guests who happen to visit Coastal.