“Thursday” by The Weeknd

After major successes of The Weeknd’s latest albums, it is important to look back and focus on some of his early work. “Thursday” was The Weeknd’s second mixtape in his “Trilogy” after the debut mixtape, “House of Balloons.”  

The album opens with “Lonely Star,” which is a song with good growth throughout. “Lonely Star,” sets up the story the album tells about the Weeknd and “Thursday Girl.” Then comes “Life of the Party.” This is a thumping song about drug use making the world a party, but with a melancholy tone about loneliness. This leads to the title song, “Thursday.” 

“Thursday” is a little repetitive but is powerful and passionate. The quality of this song is beautiful. “Thursday” has vocals so incredible, that you find yourself pulled into the song for its entirety. It’s a song that grips you, pulls you in, and doesn’t let you go. “Thursday” is an overall magical song. 

“Thursday” is followed by “The Zone.” This song talks about The Weeknd having to use substances to get into his zone to talk to the girl he loves. The music video version of “The Zone” is shorter and arranged differently than the album version. 

Then comes “The Birds Pt. 1,” a passionate song where he tells the girl he does not want her to fall in love because he will leave. In the song, she still does and he does not want the blame for it. This leads into “The Birds Pt. 2,” which, to me, is better than “The Birds Pt. 1.” “The Birds Pt. 2” took a much slower pace with so much emotion that it creates an atmosphere far different from “The Birds Pt. 1.” 

Following “The Birds Pt. 1” and “The Birds Pt. 2” is “Gone.” “Gone” is a longer song that is completely free-styled, according to an interview with Genius. Along with the great mixing of the song, you really get to see inside his head, what he is feeling, and the effect of substances on his state of mind. Then comes “Rolling Stone.” This is not about the band, but about how people used to use it to describe some who never settles down. “Rolling Stone” is a love song for the “Thursday Girl,” but acknowledges that fame and the adoration of fans will change him, and he will move on. 

The final song is “Heaven or Las Vegas.” This song focuses on a more egotistical side of The Weeknd and him shrugging off his behavior. “Heaven or Las Vegas,” goes on about he is more focused on the pleasure of life and reminds this reviewer of the biblical story of Lucifer’s pride causing him exile from Heaven. So, it appears that The Weeknd is shrugging off his behavior because of him lacking a father or paying for what his father did.  

Overall, the top picks off this album have to be “Thursday,” “The Birds Pt. 1,” “The Birds Pt. 2,” and “Life of the Party.”