Preview season of women’s basketball


Photo provided by Jordyn Newsome

Jordyn Newsome poses for social media day.

The Coastal Carolina University women’s basketball team is looking forward to their first home game on Wednesday, Nov. 23 against the Coker University Cobras.

Junior Brali Simmons said she is looking forward to building with the new team members and coaching staff. She said
her relationships with her teammates are unbreakable as they have fun and work hard together. Simmons said she believes the team is going to do good overall this-coming season as the team improves every day.

Player Brali Simmons shares her hopes for the upcoming season

“My goal is to be the best teammate I can be and to give 100% when I’m on the court,” Simmons said.

The team’s new coach is Kevin Pederson, who is the seventh head women’s basketball coach in the University’s history. Simmons said she loves him already because she pushes her and everyone on the team to be the best version of themselves.

“Coach P is great. He brings in a lot of energy,” Simmons said. “I think it’s going to be really good just with his leadership and the other coaches as well, they are just as amazing. I am really happy to have him here.”

Sophomore Jordyn Newsome said she anticipates creating building blocks and keeps winning as the season begins. She said she wants to build a winning mentality and hopes to win the conference tournament and qualify for the NCAA tournament.

“Those are my sisters, my ride or dies. You know, I’ll do anything for them, whatever they need,” Newsome said. “I got their back. Even the new ones, the transfers that came in. Even though it’s been a couple months, it’s still like instant family.”

Senior Deaja Richardson said she is looking forward to see growth as a team, bonding with the coaching staff, and winning games. Richardson said her personal goals are to make the Dean’s List, shoot for All-Conference in the Sun Belt, win the Sun Belt, and go to the NCAA.

“I get along with all my teammates real well. We are basically like sisters, we see each other every day,” Richardson said.

Richardson likes the new coach a lot more than the previous coach. She agrees with the new coach of being a life coach, not just a basketball coach. Richardson assumes the team is going to do well by keeping the same mindset and getting better every day.

“I keep telling the team by the end of February I want to be a team that nobody wants to play,” head coach Kevin Pederson said.

Pederson’s said his goal for the team is to see their own growth and learn more about themselves. His main goal is to have the team go all the way in the Sun Belt Conference.

“I tell the players all the time, let’s not talk about what we’re going to do, let’s not tell people what we’re going to do, let’s go, and let’s do it. Let’s find out who we are,” Pederson said.

The coach said he expects the players to play the best and as hard as they can. Since it is his first season with CCU, he said he is learning the league.

Overall, the new team and coaching staff said they are excited for this 2022-2023 basketball season.

The team is hoping to quality to enter the NCAA Tournament.