Students relax at “Fall Stresstival”

As final exam week approaches, students relaxed and destressed at LiveWell’s “Fall Stresstival” on Nov. 9 on Prince Lawn.

The festival promotes self-care and destressing techniques through arts and crafts, therapy dogs, and an assortment of fall treats.

The Stresstival began in 2016. It used inspiration from the “Countdown Don’t Meltdown” that occurs in the spring semester to help students destress before exams. Peer Educator Brittany James came up with the idea for the name, “Stresstival.”

“It’s this time of year where people have been going through midterms and preparing for holidays, which can be stressful for some,” LiveWell Office Associate Director Chris Donevant-Haines said. “The learning outcome from this event is for students to practice self-care on a regular basis and learn new destressing techniques.”

Thirty-seven student organizations and offices registered to participate. Students had the opportunity to paint and make keychains and bracelets at many of the booths. Additionally, games such as cornhole were available for students to play.

“A lot of people don’t know how to manage their stress. Given the opportunity to do so, we will find a way to expel our stress,” junior Shannon Bischof said.

Phi Sigma Pi had a booth set up for painting rocks and color-by-number. Students could tune into their artistic freedom and paint whatever they wanted to.

“I am hoping students can take their mind off of some schoolwork, color, and chill out,” Phi Sigma Pi’s Junior Vice President Shane Davis said.

The festival takes place annually, just 2 weeks before Thanksgiving break. The semester is starting to wrap up, and the festival gives students a break from classwork.

“In general, being a college student is very stressful, and it’s nice to have it recognized. It makes me feel seen in my stress,” senior Carissa Soukup said.

The festival will happen again in the Fall of 2023.