Race for governor heats up


Photo by Kylie Harris

South Carolina governor candidate Joe Cunningham rallies students during his college tour.

South Carolina Governor candidate Joe Cunningham visited Coastal Carolina University (CCU) on Tuesday, Oct. 18 during his college tour.

Cunningham is running against incumbent Henry McMaster and libertarian candidate Bruce Reeves on Nov. 8. Early voting started in South Carolina on Oct. 24 and will continue until Nov. 5.

CCU students gathered around on the Lib Jackson Student Union patio at noon to hear Cunningham’s big plans if he gets elected. During his speech, Cunningham said he proposes to increase teachers’ salary, provide better jobs in the state, and protect women’s rights. He said these goals will be funded by the legalization of sports betting and marijuana, as a means of medical treatment.

Cunningham said he was “tired of losing to North Carolina and Georgia” because many people seek reputable jobs outside of South Carolina. He said he wants to change this by offering good-paying jobs that pay a salary rather than hourly wage. Cunningham said he plans to offer job related benefits such as health care and retirement. Cunningham said he came to CCU because “this is the future” of South Carolina.

“I think everyone wants a new generation of leadership,” Cunningham said.

He also said politics needs new ideas and visions that resonate with young people. Cunningham said he wants to achieve many things during his college tour to give audiences a reason to feel proud. Freshman student Laney Powell said she supports Cunningham.

“He represents the new generation of people in South Carolina,” she said.

Powell said she believes Cunningham is influencing many people by using social media and utilizing an online platform. She said talking to Cunningham made her feel like she was talking to someone other than a politician, and discussed her beliefs with him.

Kat Blanchard, a junior, also supports Cunningham and hopes that the visit would make an effort for students to “support his side.” “We live in the greatest state in the entire country, and we are never, ever down. In fact, we’re just getting back up folks, and we are the future,” Cunningham said as he concluded his speech.