Future of university depends on students: Students given platform to voice their concerns

Vice President for Executive Initiatives Travis Overton held a meeting on Oct. 19 in hopes to gain feedback from Coastal Carolina University students regarding future developing plans.

The University is currently developing a new, strategic plan to benefit campus life, which sparked the idea for the meeting. The inclusive and collaborative plan should be in effect within the next three to five years, according to Overton.

“Students being involved in this conversation can help us figure out what we need to be doing differently and how we can put it in our strategic plan,” Overton said.

Most of the concerns brought up at the meeting surrounded the topics of parking, campus safety, library hours of operation, and diversity and inclusion. Students brought up possible resolutions to Overton for the issues. This conversation allowed different opinions to be voiced and each suggestion was taken into consideration by faculty.

“I believe that since we are students, our voices should be heard. And our voices were heard in this meeting,” Michelle McFadden, a junior at CCU, said.

During the meeting, Overton presented a PowerPoint where each slide contained questions concerning student success. These questions were provided from the board, and students were encouraged to provide their input.

“We have to continue to attend these meetings so we can let those on campus know that we are serious about our safety, education and future because a lot of those concerns were voiced today,” Senior Shae Dotson said.

In order to ensure all suggestions were taken into consideration, the meeting was also recorded.

FThere will be several more meetings where students can attend and speak on issues they have concerning campus life. The presidential staff at CCU encourages students and staff to attend these meetings to bring change to the University