Coastal’s got talent

Coastal Activities Board (CAB) held auditions for a talent show on Oct. 11 in the Wheelwright Auditorium, where participants sang, danced, acted, and performed comedy stand-ups. 

Junior Abbey Duncan performed a dance she choreographed herself with six of her sorority members from Chi Omega. Their dance was filled with different mash-up songs from the Teen Beach Movie. They said it was their favorite movie to watch while they were growing up, and thought it was fun to dance to. 

“I’ve been performing since I was 6-years-old, so being on stage didn’t really make me nervous,” Duncan said. “I really do enjoy being on stage and performing in front of people. I miss performing a lot now that I am in college.” 

Duncan said she started tap dancing when she was in middle school. She was able to incorporate tap dancing into the routine of the dance for the show. Duncan said it was a special moment to share her talent to her friends who did not know that about her.  

Junior Landon Tucker said he loves to perform in front of an audience as well. 

“I love being on stage and I love being in front of a crowd. I feel at my best when I am on stage,” Tucker said. “There’s no better feeling than the adrenaline that you feel for that. I absolutely love being on stage and I will do it again and again.” 

Tucker said he loves talent shows. Tucker danced with Sigma Kappa and wanted to represent Phi Gamma Delta. The group danced to a mixture of songs which are usually played at football games.  

“It was pretty cool that I got to choreograph the guys’ dance, that was really fun,” he said. “Very stressful, but that definitely took some care and effort. It was a huge honor to do that.” 

Sophomore Jalen Graham showcased his singing talents that night. He sang the song “Writings on the Wall” by Sam Smith. Graham said he feels like he is on top of the world when he is on a stage.  

“When I begin to sing, it’s like I get to share a moment with the world, which was the audience at the time. My voice had consciously taken over, which is very fascinating,” Graham said.  

Graham said he also performed for the talent show last year and decided to do it again. He said another reason he tried out is because he is a singer and songwriter. He said he always takes advantage of performance shows, since it is an opportunity to develop skills and practice. 

“My mother always told me I’ll be a star. She just always envisioned that, and I’ve carried this vision for this long and I will never give it up,” Graham said. 

He said he is proud of the fact he has auditioned for American Idol, The Voice twice, and America’s Got Talent. Graham said he felt enlightened by hearing and meeting people all around the country at the auditions.