Students versus faculty: Current students and alumni tie in basketball

Following a student basketball tournament, the top student team faced off against a team of Coastal Carolina University faculty members and returning alumni on the night of Oct. 12.

The game got off to a fast start as both teams showed strong offensive prowess by way of several open three-pointers. Both teams had several shots to open the game, however, it was the student team who scored first on a wide open three-point shot.

The student team kept going strong, with a flurry of three-point attempts which drove their offense. Following a substitution, the faculty team finally got on the board and began to put together a decent offensive showing.

The speed and intensity of the game rose as the pacing increased. Both teams were flying toward the ball, and the transitional play from both sides was impressive. The high energy of the game culminated in a fantastic alley-oop score from the student team.

The game concluded with a photo finish. The faculty team scored off a steal to break a late-game tie with 15 seconds left. The faculty team played strong defense to finish, pulling off a three-point win. Colin Stevens, a former Coastal basketball player who graduated in 2006, was key to the faculty team’s victory.

Stevens provided a fast-paced intensity for the faculty’s offense.

“I’m a local, so I’m here every now and then and I know some of the players,” Stevens said. “So it’s really cool to be engaged and in the mix.”

The student-faculty game was part of Coastal’s homecoming week festivities and proved to be a huge success with the fans.