“Hellbilly Deluxe” review

Famous metal icon Rob Zombie is a living Halloween symbol and the entire horror style in music. Additionally, he has even directed multiple horror movies that have gained a cult following.

One of most popular albums is “Hellbilly Deluxe,” which is a signature album
from his discography. It opens up with a short, eerie intro. leads into the first true song called “Superbeast.” This is a great transition from eerie to immediately kicking it up a couple notches.

This album has plenty of solid, stomping beats accompanied by snarling verses into a loud and strong chorus with enough oomph to wake the dead.

Then comes what might be Rob Zombie’s most popular and best songs “Dragula.” This is a classic headbanging anthem and has amped up fans countless times since it was first released. Dragula features some killer lines and grooves which makes his performances unforgettable.

“Living Dead Girl” is another one of Zombie’s most popular songs, which has a dark style but a catchy tune that never gets old. After that comes an odd ball song with a 70s and 80s horror movie theme feel.

This goes into “Demonoid Phenomenon,” a very heavy song with some great guitar work and riffs. Following that is the song “Spookshow Baby,” and has a more industrial metal feel to it and has an overlay of static sounds at times to match the song and catchy chorus.

“How to Make a Monster” changes the pace of the album to an upbeat speed and features more distortion. However, it’s a shorter song and doesn’t stand out as other songs on the album. After that comes “Meet the Creeper,” and goes back into the more classic heavy metal pacing and was featured in one of the Twisted Metal games.

The next song features an electric banjo in it and starts with a more slow-paced style. Halfway in, it kicks into the next gear and follows ups and downs as it changes pace from a slow pace to its energetic and amped bridge. Then comes a song that feels out of place as “What Lurks on Channel X” repeats almost every line twice and only truly comes alive for the choruses.

Following that is “Return of the Phantom Stranger,” and I believe this song has a great mix of styles to make the music. The song has a strange aspect to it because it features a choir, but it creates an atmosphere that perfectly fits the Halloween season.

To finish off the album, “The Beginning of the End” opens with a mix of some static into an explosion of music. The chaos of sound and its rhythm closes out the album with a strange end.

The album features some of my favorite songs, so it is hard to recommend only a few for other people to listen to. Other than Rob Zombie’s most popular songs “Dragula” and “Living Dead Girl,” I suggest “Demonoid Phenomenon” and “Return of the Phantom Stranger.” These tunes are perfect for those who love heavy metal and Halloween.