Academic program exploration: “Meet Your Major” fair provides academic possibilities


Career Services’ annual “Meet Your Major Fair” was held on Oct. 6 and consisted of different colleges and their faculty to help educate students on available majors and minors.

Students had the opportunity to talk to staff and other students involved in each major. They also explored possible career opportunities and classes and what to expect while they pursue their major. The event guided students who are undecided, along with those who are sought a better understanding of the major they chose.

Heather Huff man, director of academic advising for the Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, said the fair provided students with valuable information regarding their majors or minors. “It is an opportunity for faculty and students to connect outside of a classroom,” Huffman said.

Each major had its own table with free goodies and was accompanied by the faculty associated with the given college.

This allowed students to connect with people who could introduce them to a variety of opportunities and experiences in their field.

Amanda Brian, associate chair of the history department says the primary goal of the fair was to “expose students to a variety of majors and minors,” and to benefit students who are undecided about what they want to study.

By signing in with the QR code, those who attended on Prince Lawn were automatically entered into a raffle for a chance to win Coastal Carolina University merchandise.

The academic fair was a space for students to get in touch with those in their field with resources, contacts, connections, and an overall understanding of the academic program they are interested in.

For further insight and information regarding majors and minors, students can make appointments to meet with their academic advisor one-on-one.