Chipotle’s opening pushed back again: Originally supposed to open in August, now during holiday season

A new Chipotle location is now expected to open on Nov. 10 later this year near Coastal Carolina University’s campus.

The restaurant was originally scheduled to open on Wednesday, Oct. 5, but the store unexpectedly moved the date.

This situation occurred another time in August when it was only a tentative start date without confirmation.

Since 1993, Chipotle has been a fast and casual restaurant company that serves various bowls, tacos, burritos, and quesadillas to around 750,000 customers a day. They are setting up a new location in the plaza which includes Food Lion and Eggs Up Grill, which is only a seven minute drive from campus on U.S. Highway 501.

“New developments are subject to delays,” Chipotle Spokesperson Erin Wolford, the vice president of external communications, said.

Despite the delays, Chipotle locations are still maintaining their classic motto of “food with integrity” by using fresh, high-quality ingredients. There is a Chipotle located 23 minutes away from campus by the Coastal Grand Mall where students can make the trip or GrubHub an order. Matt Pirozzi, a customer, is excited about the new location opening soon.

“I really want that yummy Chipotle. It makes me feel so good inside and out,” Pirozzi said.

Students and Conway locals highly anticipate Chipotle’s big debut after so many delays in the grand opening of an easier accessible restaurant.