The new thang: A food review


Swampthang Deli opened its doors on the first of April this year. After finding out the business promotes campus students, it was essential to visit the restaurant for my first time.


When I entered, the restaurant welcomes you with a comic book-themed diner. Framed posters immerse you in the restaurant’s theme. The only decoration that was not related to the theme were CCU and HGTC flags.


I ordered the “Italian Thang” and a bag of “Voodoo Chips” with a bottle of peach tea to complete my meal. The staff cuts the meat in front of customers, so everyone feels involved in the making of their sandwich. Choosing other topping options was made easy as it was lined up.


When I tried a bite of my meal, I simply could not believe how delicious it was.


Because I have always lived in South Carolina, I was unsure how out-of-state students from up North would judge the subs. I met Justin Chrisjohn, a CCU student from New York, fully supported the business.


“I have not had a sub like this since I’ve been down here. That’s three years,” Chrisjohn said.


The chips were tangy and barbecue. I would recommend these chips to anyone who enjoys trying something packed with flavor. Because I am a southerner, I am usually picky about my sweet tea but I was not disappointed.


The food was worth every penny, but the customer service I received was priceless. I saw the owner Shawn Nilo, who said he was a “real person” who wanted to serve real people.


Nilo bonded with each individual customer and told them jokes. He managed to prioritize each customer while the restaurant was filling non-stop with people and while he was the only one working at that time. Many customers said the location’s hospitality was one of their reasons for returning.


“I’m here to feed the students. I know if they try [Swampthang], they will like it and return,” Nilo said.


Swampthang gives a student discount when a student ID is present any day of the week. The restaurant is particularly catering to college students’ interest and safety by offering late night dining on Thursdays until 2 a.m. This “Swamp Fever” is hoping to prevent intoxicated guests near University Commons from immediately driving if they are under the influence and are hungry.


This place exceeded my expectations through the food, personable customer service, and consideration of students. It is difficult to enter a place and be treated like family, but Swampthang accomplished just that.