Turtle vandals return to campus

Campus police are investigating who vandalized two turtle feeders located on Wall Bridge (also known as “turtle bridge”) last month. The bridge is located between the E. Craig Wall SR. College of Business (Wall building) and Eldred E. Prince (Prince building).

The Coastal Sea Turtle Club maintains the two turtle feeders, which are quarter slot dispensers.

These dispensers are in memory of the club’s first advisor, Eric Koepfler. Ayana Maryott, the President of Coastal Sea Turtle Club, said this is not the first time vandals have destroyed the vending machines. Maryott said she checked on the turtle feeders on Sept. 24 and both feeders were

“This has been an issue for 4-plus years,” Maryott said, there, but one was damaged.

One of the feeders was twisted. She came to campus on Sept. 26 and found both feeders destroyed.

Student Government Association (SGA) funded the first two turtle feeders. Maryott said, one additional feeder is still in the box and won’t be put out once the vandals are caught.

“This has been an issue for 4-plus years,” Maryott said. “We have police reports from 2016. They always vandalize the feeders, and they never take the quarters. It is never about the money.”

Maryott shared frustration about the vandalism on Instagram. The post encouraged people who had information about the vandalism to share it with the Department of Public Safety.

Previously, the feeders were destroyed in 2016. Campus police tracked down the culprit.

The turtle club declined to press charges after the vandal apologized and purchased a new feeder. The turtle club has 195 plus members and partners with the shark club to support marine life.

Campus police confirmed the vandalism. Shaun Bannon, systems support technician, in the public safety building said he reviewed the video footage of the vandalism that took place on Wall bridge. The investigation is active and ongoing.