Chants pounce the Panthers

The Georgia State Panthers kicked off to the Chanticleers at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 22.
After only 16 minutes into the first half and only four in-game minutes later, quarterback Grayson McCall and his Chanticleer offense had pounced on the Panthers. Coastal established a sense of dominance that would be maintained throughout the game, jumping out to a fast 14-0 lead and establishing a sense.
On these first two offensive drives, McCall delivered for teal nation, completing three of three attempts for 109 yards and two scores. This included two touchdowns of more than 50 yards, which were like fireworks for Chanticleer fans.
After their first quarter establishment of dominance, the Chanticleers continued to put it on the Panthers throughout the game. The Chants racked up 540 yards of offense compared to Georgia State’s 309.
Sophomore running back CJ Beasley racked up 165 total yards, 142 on the ground and 23 receiving.
“Going into the game, I felt great. I knew how it was going to be so I prepared myself mentally. I knew the team was going to need me to step up,” Beasley said.
Coastal’s “Black Swarm” defense continued their season-long mission to create extra opportunities for its offense, tallying four more turnovers on the day. Junior linebacker JT Killen forced and recovered a fumble, with another recovery coming from sophomore safety Tobias Fletcher. Freshman safety Charles Arnold Jr. intercepted Georgia State quarterback senior Darren Grainger twice.
Four games into the season, the Chanticleers are four and zero and show no signs of slowing down. With an explosive offense and a defense that consistently comes away with multiple turnovers, teal nation is loving what it is seeing from its boys in teal.
“It feels good to be four and zero,” Beasley said, “but the objective is to go one and zero every week.”
The Chanticleers play next at home against Georgia Southern on Saturday, Oct. 1 at 4 p.m.