Poetry club provides innovative expression outlet

Coastal’s new poetry club, CCU Poets, provides a great way for students to express their emotions through a timeless art form.

College students balance academic, social, and financial successes. Finding coping strategies that work is an essential part of this balancing act.

Taylor Castelot, an English and Creative Writing major and founder of CCU Poets, said the club serves as an artistic outlet for students.

“[The club seeks to] offer students and faculty members a club in which they can express their unique ideas through their poetry and extend their writing through different poetry prompts,” Castelot said.

The club plans to meet every other week and is still looking for students to sign up and fill various executive positions. Each meeting is set to consist of a different prompt or activity pertaining to poetry.

According to Americans for the Arts, reading and writing poetry offers endless benefits. It improves cognitive function by expanding individual vocabulary, helps heal emotional pain, improves self-awareness, fosters connection and vulnerability within communities and increases joy overall.
Interested students can reach out to Taylor Castelot at [email protected].