Bowling for breast cancer


A community fundraiser at Surfside Bowling Entertainment Center for a victim of breast cancer will take place on Oct. 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The event is hosted by MB Fire Cares, Surfside Bowling and local radio station 96.1 WKZQ. Proposed by WKZQ for its success in other areas, this event was picked up by MB Fire Cares, who is known for their charity events held throughout the year for multiple causes such as 9/11 memorials, veterans and giving back to the local community.

The entry is $10 a ticket to make a six-man team or $10 for individual bowlers to rent shoes and bowl for two hours while also putting in for a silent auction.

Joe Morneau, general manager of the Surfside Bowling, immediately agreed to donate the lanes for this event as soon as the idea was mentioned to him.

“We’re doing something for a good cause, us donating the lanes and the entry fee all going towards to benefit breast cancer,” Morneau said. “That’s the important part to me that we’re focusing on the event that’s what I care about the most.”

All proceeds are going to MB Fire Cares, which will then donate the money directly to a community member who has been going through chemotherapy over the last six months. MB Fire Cares has a common theme of donating it to a foundation or research group in their charity events.

Tom Gwyer, the fire chief of the Myrtle Beach Fire Department, recounts the multiple people helped by the fundraising MB Fire Cares does throughout the year.

“Rhonda Brown was an administrative assistant that worked here. She had breast cancer for a long time and eventually died in 2012,” Gwyer said. “The fire department had done a golf tournament in her name and the raised money would be donated in her name to Relay 4 Life.”

Gwyer gave an account of when they did a fundraiser for a high schooler who had ovarian cancer a year ago and the situation she faced.

“[The funds] went to, at the time, a junior at Myrtle Beach High School going through cancer, wondering if she was going to live and she was freezing her eggs to hopefully have kids one day,” Gwyer said. “If there was something we could do financially, give her some money for all the treatments but then also be able to support her and say ‘hey you’re not alone, there’s people here with you.’”

Participants will bowl with the crew of the station, such as radio hosts Crash and Josie and other members of the WKZQ crew during the fundraiser. If this event is successful, it will become an annual thing.

Any students who show up after 9 p.m. on Mondays and show their ID get half- off the original priced lanes and rentals.