Student media has a new home


Lib Jackson Student Union room B-205 is where you can now find The Chanticleer newspaper, Tempo magazine and Archarios magazine. The Student Media Lab gives all our organizations a place to work and collaborate in a group setting. This decision was finalized Friday, Sept. 16 after the student media advisers met with our University’s new Vice President of Student Affairs Yvonne Hernandez Friedman.

This year, The Chanticleer has had at least 25 people at each Monday staff meeting. I am so excited to see the growing interest in the newspaper, but new staff means we have outgrown our previous room, which was smaller than some faculty offices. The Chanticleer’s faculty adviser, Wendy Weinhold, has been advocating for a new media room since last year, and now it is more important than ever since interest in the newspaper is so high.

This new space allows our reporters to work with the executive team in a more typical newsroom setting as well as giving us a place to hold our weekly staff meetings that can fit everyone—even though as you can see from the picture, it is still a little cramped. However, this is a good problem to have.

Hernandez Friedman allocated the new space to us based on our operational needs, and we are thankful for her recognizing and rewarding our hard work and serious need for development with a bigger space.