Building name honors DeCenzos’ legacy


Former University President David DeCenzo and his wife, Theresa, were recognized in a ceremony for their recent residence hall dedication.

This dedication, finalized in December 2020, recognized David’s impact on the University throughout more than 13 years of contribution. Additionally, Theresa is acknowledged for her work as executive director of Women in Philanthropy and Leadership at CCU.

The ceremony held on Sept. 16 included words of acknowledgment and appreciation from friends and family of both David and Theresa, including current president Michael T. Benson, a close friend and colleague.

“It’s more than just a name on a building, it’s a manifestation of what they are all about,” Benson said.

VP for Executive Initiatives and Chief of Staff Travis Overton also shared words of admiration for the DeCenzos. Overton described the impact that David personally had on him, as he was a huge factor in deciding what University would best suit him. He goes on to thank both David and Theresa for welcoming him and making CCU feel like home, in addition to helping the growth of the University as a whole throughout his presidency.

Their children, Mark and Natalie DeCenzo, both attended the ceremony. Mark described what it was like growing up with such influential and selfless parents, as well as his experience as a CCU student during his father’s presidency. He said he is both thankful and honored to have been able to attend the University, and encourages current and future students to embrace their time here as well.

“Growing up with Dave and Terri as parents was a privilege. You both made a difference in our lives and undoubtedly made a difference in the lives of those who had you as their president. You’ve led with tradition, integrity, and excellence as promised,” Natalie said.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a new mural located in the residence hall was revealed in honor of the DeCenzos. The mural includes a variety of photos and accomplishments of the honorees, furthering their mark on their beloved campus. The two were extremely grateful for everyone that showed up to recognize them, and even more grateful for the University’s continued acknowledgment and support.