Constitution Day features CNN Political Commentator

In celebration of Constitution Day, a political commentator will speak at Wheelwright Auditorium on Sept. 15, presented by the Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences. 

Bakari Sellers, attorney and former South Carolina representative, will deliver his lecture, The Beloved Community and American Democracy, which focus on the integral role community and cooperation play in the development of a democratic nation. 

 Dr. Holley Tankersley, dean of Spadoni College of Education and Social Sciences, puts emphasis on the significance of this notion.  

“Democracy depends on collaborating in ways that aren’t mandated by the government or the economy,” Tankersley said.  

According to a press release, Sellers made history at 22-years-old when “he defeated a 26-year incumbent and became “the youngest member of the South Carolina House of Representatives and the youngest African American elected official in the nation.” Throughout his political career, he has worked to increase awareness and change regarding many economic and social issues such as poverty, domestic violence prevention, and education.  

An alumnus of Morehouse College and the University of South Carolina, Sellers currently works as an attorney with Strom Law Firm, LLC and as a political commentator for CNN.  

Constitution Day, designated as a national holiday by the U.S Department of Education, observes the anniversary of the signing and adoption of the U.S Constitution. Tankersley stressed the importance of celebrating Constitution Day because America is unique in that our Constitution is written.  

“There’s something profound about having [the Constitution] formalized and enshrined in writing,” Tankersley said.  

She also remarked that it’s important to celebrate American citizenship because we are also celebrating unity and our common ground of shared beliefs and experiences is imperative in a politically polarized nation.  

Sara Beatty, a senior at CCU, expressed excitement of having such a notable political figure speak at Coastal. As a political science major, Beatty noted that she is frequently disheartened at the political negligence of her peers.  

“[The Constitution] is the law of the land. I think it’s important to know its history to know how to improve our society,” Beatty said.  

Beatty also said it’s important for college students to attend events like the Constitution Day celebration because they can assist them in forming their political ideologies as many students are becoming eligible to vote at the collegiate level. 

Dr. Tankersley said that she hopes students will attend the presentation and come away feeling inspired and able to enact change regardless of their age or circumstance. Attendance is free to all students, but tickets must be reserved.