You should visit Surfside this summer

Surfside Beach is the best beach in the area, so grab your sunscreen and friends and get ready to take a ride. 


One of the main reasons I chose to study at Coastal is because of the beach, like many of you. However, Myrtle Beach isn’t called “Dirty Myrtle” for nothing.  


Places like Pawley’s Island and Huntington Beach State Park are worth the long journey, but they are not as convenient a ride as Surfside. In this town you will find a sense of community that is always welcoming, considering it’s full of retired, out-of-state residents. Also, the more residents, the more dogs you can find walking alongside the waves. 


Surfside Beach, along with Garden City Beach, are typically only crowded on holidays, weekends, and those days when the sun is scorching hot, and you can’t stand to stay inside. Although it can be packed at times, there is plenty of free public parking alongside the beach access. 


If you’re in desperate need of a tan like I am, make sure to bring your sunscreen regardless of how bad you want to burn; wearing SPF 30 usually does the trick, and I promise you can still get a tan while using sunscreen. Snacks, blankets, and a ball-cap come in handy as well. 


After you avoid getting burnt to a crisp, make sure to stop by some of the best restaurants in Surfside, such as Pizza Hyena and Benjamin’s Bakery. Benjamin’s has some of the best Danishes I’ve had here, and Hyena has an irresistible menu with hilarious names for their pies. 


Another thing I love about the Surfside/Garden City area is during the colder months (November through March), you’re able to ride a golf cart on the beach. If you drive further into Georgetown County, you’re also able to have fires on the beach in unincorporated areas. 


As the semester ends, get some beach time in and brag about it to your friends back home.