Ed Sheeran releases new album After A Two-Year Break

Ed Sheeran released his fifth studio album, “=”, and his fans thought it was worth the wait. 

The album dropped on Friday, Oct. 29, and has 14 tracks. “=” gives listeners a chance to hear about the changes he has made in his life. He provides them with the nostalgia of his older albums and introduces the person he has grown to be. 

Sheeran has emotional ballads and upbeat dance tracks to give his listeners something to resonate with. Without any features on the album, Sheeran pours his heart out about fatherhood, losing a friend, and the love he expresses to his wife. 

“All tied together by bare-skinned songwriting, = is Sheeran’s most personal, moving record to date,” Apple Music said.  

The first track titled “Tides” presents a sense of warmth and growth. Ed Sheeran wrote lyrics that described the journey to his current status and the feelings it may bring to the future. The song follows the same format as his opening track on his last album, “÷ ”, but it uses singing more than rapping. 

The song shows a new level of maturity while paying homage to his past work. It mainly serves as an opening statement to fans and Sheeran believes that it could set the tone for the remainder of the album. 

Tracks like “Shivers” and “Bad Habits” are energy-filled pop tunes that shine a light on the happiness of life. These songs were released prior to the album and gave listeners a taste of what Sheeran was working on. 

“Leave Your Life,” “Love in Slow Motion,” and “Visiting Hours” are songs that have a bit of a deeper meaning. When the lyrics are accompanied by an acoustic guitar, piano, or even strong drums, it helps fans resonate and embody the expressed feelings.  

These songs were moments in Sheeran’s life that made him stop and really think about the love he had for his late friend. It also gave him clarity about the love he has for his growing family. 

Sheeran blends guitar riffs from old-school music with R&B transitions and beats to create a wonder of songs for fans to enjoy. Listening to the album in track order will grant listeners 49 minutes of a fluctuating storyline that embraces the change that life seems to offer.