Unmatched energy: Flipturn’s sold out show

Flipturn, an indie rock band out of Florida, performed a sold-out concert as a stop on their Shadowglow tour at Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina on Feb. 3.  

The show opened with an indie pop band out of Georgia called Hotel Fiction. Their energy was incredible, and their music was unique which engaged the audience from the very beginning. 

As soon as Flipturn entered the stage, their energy and stage presence were unmatched. The crowd matched this energy and created an incredible atmosphere. Each song captivated the audience and soon everyone was dancing and singing along. 

Flipturn is comprised of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Dillon Basse, Madeline Jarman on bass, Tristan Duncan on guitar, Mitch Fountain on synth, and Devon VonBalson on drums. 

The majority of the set list consisted of songs off their debut full length album “Shadowglow” released back in Aug 2022. Along with songs off this album they also performed songs from their previous EPs “Heavy Colors” and “Citrona.” Additionally, they performed a cover of the Tears for Fears song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” 

After exiting the stage, Flipturn returned to deliver an electric encore. They played three songs from their EP “Citrona” called “August,” Churches” and “Nickel.”  During “Nickel,” Basse joined the crowd for a crowd surf then returned to the stage with a flip. The crowd was going absolutely wild for this energetic end to the concert.  

Their stage presence is what sticks out the most to me. Their ability to connect and engage with the audience adds to the concert experience. All members of the band are so in tune with each other, and their perspective instruments are clearly presented in their performances.  

Their music is also another key part to this amazing concert experience. The beautifully written, compelling and meaningful lyrics matched with the incredible and catchy instrumental auxiliary make for an amazing collaboration.  

Overall, Flipturn is a must-see band. Their performances are some to remember forever. The music and the energy create an unforgettable atmosphere that everyone should experience.  

If you’re interested in checking out Flipturn, their music is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. You can also find them social media as @flipturnband and on their website, flipturn.band.